Sunday, November 24, 2013


We've all heard the super great advice about not signing your credit or debit cards, and instead writing "Please Ask for ID" on the backs. And really, go ahead and do that.
However, in my life, that has affected me in exactly two situations.
Both times, I was attempting to use someone else's card.
Before you get your panties in a bunch worrying about my alter ego being an identity thief, let me explain.
Man and I share finances, as do most couple who share an abode. However, we don't share checking accounts. This means, as the procurement officer for our family, that I am the one doing about 100% of our shopping. Or, according to him, 110%, because I'm also buying shit we don't need or even sometimes want.
Now, since I'm doing all the shopping, but there's not a joint account, I'm often slipping his card out of his wallet and heading out to buy whatever it is I feel compelled to spend money on this particular day.
Most of the time, I simply sign his name on the slip and walk out.
Yes, his card says "Please ask for ID". No, I don't have his ID, or even look a little bit like him.
Twice, two separate times, in over a year of heading out armed only with his card, a pen, and my list, has the card's back been checked and I stopped and prevented from using it.
You know where?
The beer store and the liquor store.
Stores in the mall don't care. The dude at the gas station doesn't care. Restaurants, big box stores, convenience stores, grocery stores and direct salespeople don't care.
The only people who care that as far as they can tell, I'm illegally using someone else's card, are the people who supply my booze.
Obviously, this is a hassle.
What this really means is that now I make a stop at the ATM before heading into the liquor store. Because Duh. Getting a joint account or sending Man for the booze is clearly not the answer.
Oh, and yeah, it's slightly annoying because I'm more than slightly forgetful. But you know what? These people are doing their jobs. As far as I can tell, they're the only ones who are.
Plus, I am not going without booze, so there's that.