Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We Don't Need no Education

My offspring attend a public school. Or, I should say, they did. When I realized the child with a penis wasn't finishing his homework, I instituted a new policy whereby he would approach each of his teachers at the end of each class and ask them to sign an agenda where his assignments were written down.
Then, because apparently the teachers in this particular public school were never actually taught the value of a decent education, one of his teachers had the balls to say to my son, upon the presentation of aforementioned agenda, that "You have an 85. What more does she want?"
Never mind the fact that the reason he doesn't have a 95 is that he isn't turning his assignments in- how dare that teacher presume to undermine not only my parenting, but also the value of an education- a system he actually gets paid to work for and help succeed?
How dare he?
If I hadn't already been considering pulling my children from public school and enrolling them in private, this would have sealed the deal for me.
Other reasons I decided to make the transition? There's a pregnant ninth grader, another wearing a police monitoring bracelet, seventh graders getting high in the bathroom, no anti-bullying policy which allows for plenty of racism and bullying in the school's building, and above and beyond all of that, a substandard expectation for learning.
So, next week my kid will start going to the private school his step siblings already attend.
I'd like to send a nasty gram to the public school they're no longer attending, but really, what's the point? It's not their job to care about the well-being and future of my children.
That, apparently, falls to me. I really wish someone had mentioned that in parenting handbook.